Welcome to the Home Page of Reiter Lawn and Landscape LLC. This is a Dunwoody High School and University of Georgia Students' owned and operated business. We offer competitive pricing, excellent service and are devoted to what we do. We promise you will be satisfied with what you will receive, and if you are not satisfied, then neither are we. We have experience in lawn mowing, edging, blowing, aerating, trimming and other various tasks that are related to lawn care. We are also professionally skilled and equipped for pressure washing. I understand a lot of companies will say what we just said, but we back it up with the job we do, and we mean it. You might be somewhat skeptical of hiring teenagers to work at your house, but trust us and our past customers when we say we will not let you down but rather exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Us?

  • Reiter Lawn and Landscape LLC provides quality service at a competitive price.

  • We are diligent and devoted workers.

  • We always choose to put the customer first because we don't only want to work on your lawn; we want to create a friendship between yourself and Reiter Lawn and Landscape.

  • The excellent references we have obtained during the past three years.

Thank you for your consideration!

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